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Projects Updates for Green Sports Alliance (GSA)

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  1. 3-20-23 Internal Meeting

    On March 20, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Julie Wurth, Pete Varney, Marty Kaufmann, Shawn Patterson, Thurman Etchison, Bryan Johnson, Travis Tate, Daphne Hulse


    1. March 2: Final Report (see attached document).
    2. Upcoming iCAP Zero Waste Team Recommendations
      1. ZW010: Tailgate Recycling
        1. Blue bag distribution to cars and RVs upon the start of tailgating.
        2. Volunteers walking throughout the tailgating lots to assist as needed.
        3. Two central collection stations to start (where filled blue bags will be collected, potentially iSEE tents).
        4. Grange Grove Field cleanup after tailgating.
        5. Volunteers going through the stands after football games for recyclable collection.
        6. DIA to assist with communication about the initiative (communication to tailgaters, ticket holders); surveying fans afterward to solicit for feedback to assist with program improvement.
      2. ZW011: State Farm Center Recycling
        1. Implementing recycling bins on the upper concourse.
        2. Integrating new staff training into the process to ensure that blue recycling bags are separated from the landfill bags (not placed in the compactor below the facility).
    Attached Files: 
  2. 3-2-23 Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste Diversion Breakdown

    A breakdown of the materials collected on 3/2:

    • Arena:
      • 220 lbs aluminum
      • 300 lbs plastic
      • TOTAL: 520 lbs from the arena
    • Recycling bins around the concourse:
      • 120 lbs aluminum
      • 200 lbs plastic
      • TOTAL: 320 lbs from the recycling bins
    • Pulled from the waste stream (came from the compactor below the facility):
      • 440 lbs of mixed materials (paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic) that the sort workers pulled at the Waste Transfer Station


    TOTAL: 1,280 pounds of recyclables

    340 pounds of aluminum

    500 pounds of plastic

    440 pounds of mixed material (paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic)


    • Diversion rate
      • 4,540 total waste collected that night (trash + recycling)
      • 1,280 of this total waste was recycled that night
      • 1280/4540 = 28% diverted
  3. 3-2-23 Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste Results

    Good afternoon,


    Thank you for volunteering at the Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste event last Thursday! You were among ~100 other student volunteers who signed up and helped initiate recycling within State Farm Center. The community-level work you have done to raise awareness for sustainability is invaluable.


    During this event, you helped divert 1,280 pounds of recyclable material away from the landfill! In total, 28% of the materials consumed at this event were diverted away from the landfill. We are incredibly impressed with this number. What a feat!


    As a part of our improvement process for future events, we invite you to complete this anonymous Google Form survey.


    Are you interested in joining other sustainability initiatives on campus?

    • Browse through the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Teams, and reach out to those you are interested in attending.
    • Sign up for a tour of the university’s Waste Transfer Station and learn about what happens after trash and recycling are thrown in the bin.
    • Sign the Use the Bin pledge and commit to always using the recycling bin. We’re working towards our 10,000-signature goal!
    • Sign up for the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment’s (iSEE) Illini Lights Out event coming up on Friday, March 24 from 5:30-7:00pm.
    • Attend the 2023 iSEE Congress: Addressing Crises of Planetary Scale
    • Join iSEE, Volunteer Illini Projects (VIP), Students for Environmental Concerns (SECS), and Facilities & Services on Thursday, April 18 for Earth Month Trash Pickup!


    Thank you,


    Daphne Hulse (she/her)
    Zero Waste Coordinator
    Facilities & Services | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    +1 (217) 333-7550 |

  4. 3-6-23 Internal Meeting

    On March 6, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Tony Mancuso, Julie Wurth, Marty Kaufmann, Jen Fraterrigo, Steve Breitwieser, Shawn Patterson, Travis Tate, Daphne Hulse


    1. Discussed the results from the 3-2-23 game.
      1. F&S will post for Don't Waste Wednesdays.
      2. iSEE will post on their newsletter in a couple weeks.
    2. Jen to assist with calculating the recapture rate -- Daphne to provide the bottles and cans to weigh.
    3. Email Travis and Steve the document shown (Shawn's calculation notes).
    4. Todd Wilson -- U of I homepage: send the March 2 results.
    5. How do we stand across the Big Ten schools for recycling at athletic events? Investigate
  5. 2-20-23 Internal Meeting

    On February 20, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Tony Mancuso, Jen Fraterrigo, Shawn Patterson, Julie Wurth, Steven Breitwieser, Travis Tate, Marty Kaufmann, Daphne Hulse


    1. Basketball game

      1. Volunteers: Marty

        1. Volunteers checking in at the main west entrance?

        2. Place for volunteer coats and bags / giveaway t-shirts?

          1. Marty to check in with SFC

        3. Timing

          1. Move up first shift to 4:30 for bin placement (*note in reminder email*)

      2. Communications: Group feedback

        1. F&S crafted messaging for the upcoming game: feedback? [see word document]

      3. Media: iSEE

        1. Photography/videography: night of the event? (post-game pickup)

          1. iSEE interns

          2. Talk with F&S communications

      4. Post-game feedback: Marty

        1. Did you notice that this was a recycling-focused game? YES/NO

        2. Did you know State Farm Center recycles bottles and cans? YES/NO

        3. Did you recycle your cans and/or bottles at this game? YES/NO/I HAD NO RECYCLABLES

        4. Would you like to see more recycling initiatives at State Farm Center? YES/NO

        5. Did you know you can bring your own empty, clear plastic water bottle, up to 32 ounces to State Farm Center? YES/NO

        6. Post-season survey - could be incorporated here - Marty to investigate

      5. Post-game recycling estimates: Jen, Shawn

        1. It is possible to capture concession data from the single event [see excel sheet]

        2. Quantity of plastic bottles and aluminum cans sold at the event

          1. Estimate the weight of an empty can and bottle

          2. Of the total pounds of recyclables collected, estimate what percentage each material makes up. Percentage and weight, estimate % of bottles that were sold recycled, % of cans that were sold recycled

          3. Purpose:

            1. Part of the Coca-Cola contract (achieve 100% recycling of bottles and cans by 2030).

            2. Helpful to know how far we are until we cap out on possible recycling at these events (“we only captured and recycled roughly 50% of the bottles and cans sold that night”).

        3. Use relative proportions found in the bowl pick

        4. Don’t know the premium area information (missing data), though it is a small proportion


  6. 2-6-23 Internal Meeting

    On February 6, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Bryan Johnson, Steve Breitwieser, Julie Wurth, Shawn Patterson, Dominika Szal, Travis Tate, Jen Fraterrigo, Thurman Etchison, Pete Varney, Tony Mancuso, Daphne Hulse


    1. Housing/Dining: #Don’tWasteWednesday

      1. Housing is prepared for their post on Wednesday.

    2. Housing/Dining: Glass hauling to Midwest Fiber

      1. Thurman reported that Dining does not pay to dispose of (recycle) their glass at Midwest Fiber.

        Tailgate recycling Fall 2023 - exploring glass recycling.

      2. Dominika will follow up with Midwest Fiber.

    3. iSEE: Basketball volunteer sign-up timeline

      1. Daphne to create the sheet, iSEE/Eric to send out/promote.

      2. Volunteer numbers:

        1. 15 sign up spots for 5:00pm-6:30pm (set up, advertisement to those entering)

        2. 35 sign up spots for 6:30pm - 8:00pm (half-time collection, t-shirt giveaway)

        3. 50 sign up spots for 8:00pm - 9:30pm (end-game collection, arena collection, tear down)

    4. iSEE: Earth Week/Month programming - interns/Tony/Eric Green

      1. Office Supplies Collection - check on timing of this. Already a lot is planned!

        1. Bypass Surplus: <$100, no p-tag - loop in Steve Breitwieser/Travis Tate into this conversation.

        2. “Take it or leave it,” allow students, faculty, staff, to take and leave items, donate excess office supplies to local schools.

      2. Arbor Day & Tree Planting - ?

      3. Trash Pick-Up - iSEE interns looking into this.

    5. F&S CRC: F&S basketball communications strategy

      1. Digital signboards across campus - Coca-Cola to provide a digital sign.

      2. Eweek, GradLinks, iNews posts

      3. Other recommendations?

        1. Outreach to media (recap of previous game, segue into long-term direction).

          1. Daphne to send info to Steve.

          2. Jen: Tim Knox says single-ticket and season-ticket holders receive information. Can we raise visibility of this event to them? Highlight reusable bottle policy. Daphne + Jen to work with Marty + Tim.

    6. Group feedback: Game day posters design

      1. Consistent branding with the digital signboards.

      2. Communicate the primary objective of the event.

        1. Feedback

          1. Reduce sponsorship size - remove F&S and iSEE change to general university, move to bottom

          2. Increase size of text, remove “with us,” consider removing “Bottles & Cans”

          3. Increase the size of recycling logo

    7. Group feedback: Post-game survey

      1. Did you notice that this was a recycling-focused game? YES/NO

      2. Did you know State Farm Center recycles bottles and cans? YES/NO

      3. Did you recycle your cans and/or bottles at this game? YES/NO/I HAD NO RECYCLABLES

      4. Would you like to see more recycling initiatives at State Farm Center? YES/NO

      5. Can we use this as a vehicle for messaging re: reusable bottles?

        1. Did you know you can bring your own clear, reusable bottle to [check DIA language] athletic events? YES/NO


  7. 1-25-23 External Meeting

    On January 25, UIUC sustainability representatives met with Coca-Cola and discussed the following:

    Attendance: Jake Slager, Jen Fraterrigo, Thurman Etchison, Steve Breitwieser, Bryan Johnson, Sarah Carten, Shawn Patterson, Dominika Szal, Daphne Hulse


    1. Zero Waste men’s basketball game Thursday, March 2 at 6pm (vs. Michigan).

      1. This is a Coca-Cola partnership game, so Jake will be there.

      2. Continue integrations with the DIA as we move forward, rather than pushing to be at the center of attention.

      3. F&S Zero Waste Team to plan and execute.

        1. Work out the logistics with State Farm Center recycling.

      4. iSEE will connect to volunteer base to pull 75-100 volunteers.

      5. Coca-Cola:

        1. Digital signage.

          1. Advertise across campus ahead of the event.

          2. Signage we can create that will be printed for use? Student volunteers said the Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste signage they were holding didn't make it clear to attendees what was going on.

        2. T-shirts: volunteer and giveaway.

    2. Recycling Value Assessment audit details:

      1. Afternoon of February 16.

      2. Jake, Daphne, and Shawn will discuss in more detail.

    3. Campaign updates:

      1. Don’t Waste Wednesdays.

    4. Coca-Cola video from the 11/14 game.


  8. 1-23-23 Internal Meeting

    On January 9, UIUC sustainability representatives met and discussed the following:


    Attendance: Marty Kaufmann, Thurman Etchison, Dominika Szal, Jen Fraterrigo, Pete Varney, Shawn Patterson, Tony Mancuso, Steve Breitwieser, Travis Tate, Bryan Johnson, Julie Wurth, Daphne Hulse



    1. Meeting Cadence

      1. Reduced to every other week, based on a conversation Daphne Hulse and Jen Fraterrigo had. They would like to hold strategic meetings for initiatives that extend beyond recycling (focus on waste reduction).

    2. External Meeting with Coca-Cola (Jake Slager)

      1. First of the semester: Wednesday, January 25 (1-1:30pm).

      2. Once per month.

      3. Agenda: discuss upcoming basketball game, Don’t Waste Wednesdays campaign, Coca-Cola video from the 11/14 men’s basketball game.

    3. DIA Sustainability Initiatives

      1. Zero Waste Big Ten Men’s Basketball Game

        1. F&S Zero Waste leading the effort, with support from iSEE, DIA, Coca-Cola.

        2. Tentatively Thursday, March 2 6pm (versus University of Michigan).

        3. More operational than forward-facing.

        4. 75-100 volunteers working in shifts. Emphasis on after-game stand pick up.

          1. Tom Divan - contact to confirm the logistics of the after-game stand pick up.

          2. Next steps:

            1. Logistics

              1. Address tunnel situation under the State Farm Center (include Shawn Patterson in this discussion).

            2. Volunteers

              1. Use iSEE’s volunteer network.

              2. Provide Marty with the names of student volunteers.

              3. Volunteers can still check-in at main west entrance, though we cannot use the Orange Krush area again.

            3. Messaging - bringing reusable bottles?

              1. Seek a sponsorship for this initiative.

              2. Giveaway versus selling?

              3. Consider DIA messaging a topic for a smaller, strategic meeting.

        5. Measuring the efficacy of the recycling effort

          1. Marty reached out to concessionaire - will follow up. Data from the concessionaire helps us understand how many items actually end up recycled.

          2. F&S measures these weights separate from the rest of campus waste.

      2. State Farm Center permanent recycling bins

        1. F&S Zero Waste working with the facility to perform an audit, create a cost breakdown, and justification for recycling infrastructure.

        2. Submit an iCAP recommendation by the end of the semester.

      3. Fall 2023 Tailgate Recycling

        1. F&S Zero Waste + iCAP Zero Waste working with Tim Knox on developing a plan for comprehensive tailgate recycling.

        2. Document is in progress…

        3. Loop in Coca-Cola when plan is more formalized.

      4. Student Involvement

        1. Students from the iCAP Zero Waste team are interfacing with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience) to determine how best students can approach sustainability initiatives within Athletics.

        2. Combine our top-down staff/faculty approaches with a bottom-up student approach.

    4. Don’t Waste Wednesdays Campaign

      1. First post: iSEE on Wednesday, January 25.

      2. iSEE working on social media backgrounds.


  9. Fall 2023: Tailgate Recycling initial meeting

    On January 20, Nikki Palella, Justin Holding, Shawn Patterson, and Dominika Szal, and Daphne Hulse met to discuss the following:

    What will be recycled?

    • UIUC currently recycles plastics #1&2, metal, aluminum, paper, and cardboard

    • Products that can be found at tailgates: paper and plastic products, aluminum, glass

    • UIUC does not recycle glass:

      • Would we potentially be able to haul glass to the vendor that UIUC Dining uses? (Midwest Fiber)

        • Check cost with Midwest Fiber.

        • If there is a cost, consider DIA supporting this cost.

          • Selling point: anything recyclable will be free of charge to remove.

      • We would need to provide a separated bin for glass products at each tailgate section

    • Aluminum and plastic bottles can be collected, plastic and paper might be accepted depending on its use (plastic cups might be accepted, but any paper/plastic product used for food is most likely going to have to go into landfill)

      • Future idea: use diversion rates from the tailgating and stand pick up collection as segue into DIA concessionaire conversations (because we will eventually hit a wall for our diversion rate if we can’t collect food waste, food-soiled containers, non-recyclable materials)

    What will need to be prepared

    • Signage regarding what is recyclable, what isn’t (this was successful at the basketball game).

      • Located at all the major parking lots: E14, E32.

        • Contact DIA to understand the SFC parking lot use for tailgating.

      • Could be a signboard located in key points throughout the tailgate areas.

      • In combination: have informational papers (pamphlets) attached to the bags that are handed out that explain what is/isn’t recyclable.

    • Centralized bins to collect recyclables and trash:

      • Swingpans, rolloffs, iSEE in a central location.

    • Volunteers would be needed (iSEE interns)

      • Roles:

        • Some could walk around carrying bags to give to tailgaters.

        • Some could walk around collecting recyclables specifically and provide information.

        • Some could stand by the bins to ensure that items are placed in the proper location.

        • Have it be shift-based. We learned at the basketball game that that would be most successful. During rush time (1 hour before the game starts, have the most volunteers on board).

    • Incentive via raffle:

      • Tailgaters incentivized to recycle, entered into a raffle if they do. Sustainable swag as a giveaway.

    Other considerations

    • How many tailgating areas are there?

      • How many stands would be needed to cover each tailgating area? How many volunteers per area/in charge of a stand.

      • Grange Grove is popular spot.

      • Initially, we will only target E14 and E32 as this is where the majority of tailgaters will be, then we can expand as initiative develops over time.

    • Would we like to try to implement any “zero waste” games to go along with the tailgate recycling as well?

      • Idea: instead of having a zero waste game like we do for basketball, focus efforts on before games (tailgating) and after games (pickup in the stands).

        • We would need ~100-150 volunteers for stand pick up after games, assuming a 45min-1hour pickup session

          • Incentivize with free football game tickets.

          • Pro: having volunteers pick up would assist the DIA staff who would otherwise have to pick up the items from the stand (and put them in the landfill).

          • Con: less interaction/engagement with attendees.

    • Shawn’s idea: Gamification. Have service fraternities/sororities assist with the tailgate recycling and compete with each other to see who can collect the most?

      • Could implement this within the pickup in the stands, too.

    • See how our partnership with Coca-Cola could play into this tailgate plan - could they assist with volunteer t-shirts, costs etc?

    • How many games would we want to implement this program?

      • In 2022 UIUC held 7 home games between the end of August and the start of November (the final 4 of these games were Big Ten; bigger crowds). 6 took place on Saturdays. 1 occurred on a Thursday.

      • Start small, learn the dynamic of the space. Start pre-season, if possible. Work up to a Big Ten game.

        • Once we get a hang of how everything works, we can aim big.

    • Seek recommendations from peer schools (OSU).

      • Results from the Big 10 survey could really help.

    F&S’ role

    • Collecting recyclables and trash after the event.

    • Providing the blue recycling bags.

    • Providing containers (free) for the tailgating spaces.

      • Reduces the overhead cost for DIA.

    • Daphne (ZW team - Shreya + Dominika) + Shawn.


    • January - May: Planning, strategizing with iCAP ZW team, F&S, DIA, iSEE, Coca-Cola as needed.

    • June-July: Buffer for any remaining planning. Prepare and execute publicity ahead of the fall semester.

    • Early-Mid August: Heavier publicity, recruit volunteers.

    • Late August: Launch the program.

    • Early November: Close the program

    Immediate next steps

    • Dominika: Reach out to Midwest Fiber to determine the cost of glass recycling.
    • Shreya: Reach out to DIA (Tim Knox) about how the State Farm Center parking lots are used during tailgates.
    • Team: Look into peer schools' programs for best practices.
    • Daphne: Schedule a Memorial Stadium Tour (for the stand recycling initiative).
    • Team: Create a more refined vision/roadmap, meet with the group for follow up.
  10. iWG Meeting Minutes 12-12-22

  11. Engagement005 DIA and Green Sports Alliance - Submitted

    The Engagement iCAP Team submitted the attached Engagement005 DIA and Green Sports Alliance recommendation to the iWG on 12/8/22. The recommendation states as follows:

    The 2020 Illinois Climate Action Plan calls for the university to increase the visibility of campus sustainability efforts by joining the Green Sports Alliance through the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics by summer 2021. While the DIA has not formally joined the Green Sports Alliance, Facilities & Services became a member of the GSA in June 2021, and GSA presented at the October 2021 Illinois Green Infrastructure & Erosion Control Conference. Other Big Ten Institutions involved in the GSA are Indiana University, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, The Ohio State University, The University of Iowa, The University of Michigan, and The University of Minnesota(Swanson 2022).

    University of Illinois Athletics is a role model for college sports. Formally enrolling in the Green Sports Alliance will bridge the gap between organizations/colleges on campus, as well as leading sustainable efforts along with other Big 10 Schools.

  12. Final Report: successes, areas for improvement, and feedback

    On November 28, 2022 during the weekly Internal Coca-Cola meeting the group reviewed the attached final report.

    Important takeaways:

    • 280 lbs of recycling was collected (cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles), with an event diversion rate of 10.6%. With just incremental changes (student volunteers, recycling bin infrastructure in the upper concourse, and the implementation of blue recycling bags), we achieved this! An even greater diversion rate would not be difficult to achieve.
    • Organizing student volunteers into a shift-based system would cut volunteer time per student, streamline the volunteer training process, and simplify volunteer roles. We could incentivize pre- and post-game volunteerism with tickets to the game.
    • Stronger, more durable blue recycling bags are needed for future events if we are going to have student volunteers handling them; they leak easily otherwise.
    • Dedicate a group of volunteers to just post-game collection from the stands. There is a huge opportunity to collect recyclables left in the cup holders.
    • Feedback from volunteers and attendees was very positive:
      • In a post-event survey released to attendees, 300+ responses showed the following:
        • 51% of attendees were aware that this was a recycling-focused event.
        • 55% of attendees did recycle their bottles and/or cans.
        • 83% of attendees would support future recycling events at State Farm Center.
        • General comments indicated overall support for seeing the volunteers in action and support for the implementation of permanent recycling containers at the facility.

    Next steps:

    • Between F&S and DIA, determine how a recycling receptacle can be placed near the facility so blue recycling bags can be separated from the trash compactor located below the facility.
    • Draft a proposal for permanent recycling bin locations and the associated cost.
    • Look into Coca-Cola beverage sales (20oz and 12oz) and compare this to an estimate of how many were recycled. Coca-Cola and the University would like to see a 100% recycling rate for their products.
    • Plan for the next event! Likely spring 2023 during the basketball season. Big Ten?
  13. Zero Waste Basketball Game Follow-up 11-16-22

    Thank you for volunteering for the inaugural Fighting Illini, Fighting Waste event on 11/14! You were among more than 45 other student volunteers who helped initiate recycling within State Farm Center! The community-level work you have done to raise awareness for sustainability has helped us strengthen our relationship with Athletics and the fans who attended the game.

    During this event, you helped divert 280 pounds of recyclable material away from the landfill! In total, roughly 11% of the materials consumed at this event were diverted away from the landfill. With this being our very first event, this is something to be extremely proud of. We can only go up from here!

    Make sure to check out the video highlight reel that the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (iSEE) produced. Did you take any photos of your own during the event? Please upload them to our shared Google Drive folder!

    Are you interested in joining other sustainability initiatives on campus?

    • Join the Zero Waste Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) Team or browse through the other 6 teams.
    • Sign the Use the Bin pledge and commit to always using the recycling bin. We’re working towards our 10,000-signature goal!
    • Sign up for iSEE’s final Illini Lights Out event this semester on 12/2.
    • Sign up for iSEE’s upcoming TED Talk discussion on 12/5 to learn about healthy soils.

    Thank you again for volunteering your time. Please reach out with any questions, feedback, or ideas for future events.

    Daphne Hulse

  14. Zero Waste Basketball Game on 11/14/22

    Support Fighting Illini Basketball and fight waste!

    DIA, iSEE, and F&S are working together to hold a zero-waste Illini men's basketball game Monday, Nov. 14, in honor of America Recycles Day on Nov. 15!

    Fans can help the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign meet its zero-waste goals by using recycling bins for drink containers and other recyclables to keep them out of the landfill!

    For more information -->…/waste-management-and-recycling

    See the graphic on social media here: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

  15. Zero Waste iCAP Meeting 11/7/2022

    On November 7th, the Zero Waste iCAP team met to discuss DIA sustainability initiatives with Tim Knox and made edits on the Project 4 Less expansion recommendation to be submitted in the coming month(s). 

    Meeting minutes are attached.

  16. iSEE, F&S met with GSA representatives

    Associated Project(s): 

    On October 28, Meredith Moore, Colleen Ruhter, Betsy Richardson, and Daphne Hulse met with Bradley Vogel and Matt Adler from GSA. The following was discussed:

    • Introductions
      • Betsy Richardson: works in environmental compliance with Colleen Ruhter. Their work revolves around regulations with EPA and permits. They signed up with GSA in 2019. Garrett Wong presented at the Green Infrastructure Conference, which is how UIUC became connected with GSA. They are trying to roll this out of compliance and into the world of Athletics, where it should be.
      • Colleen Ruhter: Civil engineer, background in stormwater, currently works on sanitary and drinking water projects as of late.
      • Bradley Vogel: Senior Memberships and Events representative. Bradley works with major athletic events to do waste diversion at games.
      • Matt: Works in the corporate and non-profit side of their services (ex: technological resources used to achieve goals).
      • Daphne: newest to the university, Zero Waste Coordinator.
      • Meredith: Sustainability Programs Manager at iSEE. Keen to see Athletics take initiative and want to help them achieve goals.
    • What is athletics currently doing?
      • Are they tracking waste, energy, and water use?
        • UIUC thinks we should be able to track their energy, because they are a campus operation.
        • F&S recently (July 2022) acquired responsibility to take care of the waste at all of their facilities (previously, Athletics contracted with other waste haulers for some facilities).
    • Approach Athletics with a money mindset.
      • How much could they theoretically save in costs by reducing their resource use?
    • Play to Zero platform.
    • Next steps
      • GSA will send UIUC a guide, and we can see about how to track their utilities in the meantime.
      • We should set up another meeting with GSA, especially if we can get Athletic leaders on the call. Keep the conversation going.