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  1. Notice to selected buildings

    From: "Rients, Seth M" <>Date: November 4, 2013 at 2:13:15 PM Cc: "Johnston, Morgan B" <>, "Osby, Tracy L" <>, "Jacobson, Debra F" <>Subject: Building Waste Stream Characterization                 I am pleased to announce that your building has been selected by Facilities and Services to be one of the four buildings in a pilot waste stream characterization study for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This study is designed in support of the campus wide Zero Waste policy which aims to increase the waste diversion rate to 75% by the year 2020. Facilities and Services has partnered with the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC), a unit of the Prairie Research Institute at U of I, to perform this waste stream characterization study.                 ISTC will begin examining solid waste outflows from your building during the week of November 11th, for a period of one week. During this time all discarded materials from your building will be collected, sorted, weighed, and documented in an effort to create a baseline measurement for waste diversion activities. The first step in this process is to have a kickoff meeting at your facility so we can discuss in person any thoughts, cares, concerns, or questions that you may have. We would like to schedule a meeting for this Thursday, November 7th at 2 pm. This meeting shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes. Attached to this sheet you will find some questions and answers that have been previously asked of ISTC. Thank you for your time, Seth Rients, PSMProject Manager for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign waste characterization studyIllinois Sustainable Technology Center(217) – 300 – 4494 

  2. F&S electronics shutdown policy

    • Electronic Devices Shutdown Policy – Effective Immediately

    As an energy conservation method, F&S is implementing a policy for all individuals to turn off any electronic devices in your office before leaving for the day.  This includes desktop computers, printers, monitors, etc.  Be advised that when you reboot your computer and a patch or update is waiting, it will load and may request a system reboot.  This policy does not include mission critical systems.

  3. FY13 ECIP Award Winners Announced

    Energy Advancement Category

    1. Atmospheric Sciences Building            53.3%
    2. Spurlock Museum                                      44.5%
    3. Main Library                                                 43.1%
    4. Grainger Engineering Libra                    41.3%

    Occupant Action Category

    1. Undergraduate Library                            35.2%
    2. Law Building                                                  35.1%
    3. Christopher Hall                                          30.6%
    4. Henry Administration Building             28.4%
  4. Water fountain retrofits completed in first set of buildings

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    Morgan,  We are done with the following-Aces LibraryMain LibraryUndergraduate LibraryGrainger LibraryLoomis I have the parts for the following off the original list and would like to start them with your ok.ArmoryNatural Resources Buillding I would also like to try and install one on the fountain at Wholers and Sibel to see if we can make them work in those buildings. Thanks, Mark WarnerPlumbing Foreman

  5. Approval to hire Zero Waste Coordinator

    The Executive Director of Facilities and Services approved hiring a Zero Waste Coordinator today.  This will be a half-time academic hourly position, working with Tracy Osby at the Waste Transfer Station and Morgan Johnston in Sustainability.  The candidate has been selected, and the job description is attached here.

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  6. Funding assistance from ISS

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    From: M Connor Schickel []Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2013 11:24 PMTo: thebikeproject@gmail.comSubject: Funding Hello, My name is Connor Schickel. I am a Illinois Student Senator and had heard that the Campus Bike Shop is in need of funding. I was interested in meeting with you guys some time and perhaps talking about what you do, so that I can persuade members of our organization to allocate some of our funds towards the Campus Bike Shop.  Look forward to hearing back from you. Best, M. Connor E. Schickel University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCollege of EngineeringIllinois Student Senate *Senator*Sub-Committee on Campus Safety and Student Rights *Chairman*Committee on Campus AffairsCommittee on Honorary Degrees

  7. Explanation of calculations

    We take total energy usage by building (electricity, Steam, Nat Gas and Chilled Water) convert all of those to one common unit, MMBTU (million British Thermal Units) and after adjusting for the weather differences between years, compare each building's annual usage with the year before.  We then convert the change into a percentage and then rank all eligible buildings by percentage saved.  The top four in each category win first through fourth.   Having won in FY13 does not disqualify you from winning in the future.  The goal is to encourage individual contributions to saving energy.  Mike Marquissee

  8. Agriculture Bioprocess Lab

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    As part of the Lighting Retrofit #5, 436 T-12 fixtures in the Agriculture Bioprocess Lab were replaced with more energy-efficient T-8 fixtures. This switch will incur an Annual kWh Savings of 68,289 hours. The simple payback for this project is 3.62 years.

  9. EV club meeting

    Greetings,      This is a reminder notice that our next meeting of the Illinois EV Club will be this Wednesday, 10-16-2013, at the University YMCA at 6 pm.  (Neither Matt Childress, Cara Day nor I were able to host a meeting last Wednesday because of other committments, so we decided to delay our meeting by a week, until this Wednesday.) Our format for the meeting will be the usual "Open Discussion" format we've used for recent meetings.  During the meeting, there should be plenty of time for any general-purpose questions and discussion among ourselves about anything having to do with the past, present or future of energy-efficient vehicles, so be sure to bring along with you any questions you may have and /or any ideas you may have come up with for additional projects the club could get involved in.  (Club member Richard told me last week that he hopes to bring along a book on EVs that we should find quite interesting.)            -  David Noreen ----------------------------------- New members and guests are always welcomed and encouraged to attend our meetings! Please help spread the word about our club by forwarding this message to anyone you know who might be interested in high-mileage-per-gallon (or equivalent) vehicles, whether the vehicles be electrics, hybrids, or whatever, and regardless of how many wheels they may or may not have. Also, please encourage them to check out our “Illinois EV Club” page on Facebook, by simply typing “Illinois EV Club” in Facebook’s search box. ------------------------------------ Note: Free parking is available (after 5 pm) in the UI lot that's 1 block due west of the YMCA, on the SW corner of Chalmers and Sixth, so that's another option that's available in addition to the on-street, metered parking near the Y. (As long as you don't mind walking that short block on Chalmers after you've parked in the UI lot.)------------------------------------ More information about the UI’s “Illinois EV Club”: 1.Please feel free to contact Club President Matt Childress [childrss "at the domain"] for further information and / or to be added to our regular mailing list, if you're not already on it.  2. The club has been mentioned in several area newspaper articles that are listed here: 3. On Google Groups, we have an Illinois EV Discussion Group that has its Archive page here: so you can check out our past activities and some of the interests of our members.  If you'd like to join this discussion group, email our Club President Matt, and he can add you as a member. (See Item #1 above.) 4. If you like, you can also view the following online videos, which feature members of the club: (i). Here are 2 videos of Club President Matt Childress and his Twike: (ii). Here’s more information on Matt’s Twike: (iii). Here’s a video featuring Randy Reisinger discussing the Sugar Rides EV (built by members of the club):  -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Illinois EV Club" group.To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to post to this group, send email to this group at more options, visit

  10. Every Bike Counts!

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    The University of Illinois is partnering with Champaign County Bikes to host the first-ever campus-wide bicycle census during Sustainability Week 2013. Volunteers will be dispatched across campus to help count parked bicycles during a one-hour period at 10am on October 23. The findings of the count will help inform future decisions around bicycle infrastructure, parking, and programming on campus. Sign up to volunteer or to learn more at RSVP on Facebook to help spread the word!

  11. Bikes in parking decks?

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    Katie,I have not forgotten about this.  I am working on tracking down the “master plan” so to say for the existing parking decks.  Several are in need of repair & we are looking at what to do in the long run.  There is a feasibility study that will take place over the next year or so to determine what to do. I am still looking into covered parking in the unused corners of parking garage spaces, but I want to wisely invest the $ into something that will last for a long time. Thank you for your feedback and patience. From: Johnston, Morgan B Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 5:08 PMTo: Katie KinleyCc: DeLorenzo, StaceySubject: RE: Bike Parking Hi Katie, Stacey DeLorenzo is the new TDM Coordinator and she is handling the bike parking infrastructure needs.  I think that she would be a good first place to start.  I know that the SSC funded bike parking does not include parking inside the North Campus Parking Deck (NCPD), which is the ECE garage you are thinking of. I also know that the Parking Department has historically avoided bike parking inside decks/garages, due to safety concerns.  Stacey can talk with the Parking Director, Michelle Wahl, and perhaps you can work together to get Parking to agree to let some be added there… Stacey, Katie is the SSC Transportation Working Group chair.  So, when we have the ARC’s approval of the new bike racks, she is one who will be copied on the scope change request. Thanks!!Morgan ============================Ms. Morgan B. JohnstonSustainability CoordinatorUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFacilities & Services, 115J PPSB, MC-8001501 S. Oak, Champaign, IL 61820217-333-2668 mbjohnst@illinois.edu  From: Katie Kinley [] Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 4:54 PMTo: Johnston, Morgan BSubject: Bike Parking Hi Morgan, Who could I ask about whether or not there will be bike parking inside the ECE parking garage?? Thanks, Katie Kinley

  12. Bicycle Class Request Form Created

    In order to gauge demand in existing and new classes, we have created a Bicycle Class Request Form so that students, employees and community members can request new opportunities to learn more about bicycles. The form link appears when an existing bicycle class registration is already full, so that we can estimate how many additional people tried to register for classes that have reached maximum capacity.  The form can also be used to suggest new bicycle safety or mechanics classes. 

  13. Request for status update from fleet manager

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    From: "Varney, Peter W" 

    Date: October 4, 2013 at 7:49:39 AM CDT

    To: "Lietz, Amanda M" 

    Subject: Biodiesel project - truck


    I was wondering if you could provide an update to the biodiesel project. We haven’t received a delivery in about a year although there has been some intermittent discussion since the last delivery.


    My specific interest revolves around the truck that was used for the deliveries and collections. This vehicle has been sitting idle for a year and if it is no longer needed, I would like to transfer it to another department that would find the truck to be useful. We would remove your equipment and put it into storage for a short time.


    Please let me know.


    Pete Varney, CAFM

    Associate Director for Facilities & Services

    Director of Transportation & Automotive Services 


  14. Videos

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    We are pleased to provide the two animated files discussed at yesterday’s final presentation of the N. Campus Parking Deck Solar Array Conceptualization:

    • Hanno Weber’s ramp-up animation
    • Time lapse showing the construction of a parking garage solar installation

    Please click the following link to access these two items, and feel free to forward the link to colleagues who would be interested but were not at Thursday’s meeting.

  15. sustainable electronics consortium

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    Hello sustainable electronics enthusiasts! Thanks to those of you who came to ISTC yesterday for the preliminary group meeting. It’s both inspiring and somewhat daunting to consider the breadth of activities across campus that relate to sustainable electronics in some way, and the number of paths we could pursue to bring about positive change within our University. I’m confident that if we focus our attentions, as discussed yesterday, on topics that smaller groups can meet about and pursue, while also coming together as a larger group periodically to share ideas and insights, we’ll accomplish wonderful things and strengthen the ever growing “culture of sustainability” on campus.


    ISTC, through its Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI), will continue to coordinate meeting arrangements and information sharing among the smaller subgroups (research, education, and operations for now, though those names and themes are subject to change).  I’ve set up a page on the SEI web site for this campus consortium—see Through this page we can share meeting minutes, scheduling details, and relevant documents for the subgroups and broader consortium, in one place.


    Some of the attendees at yesterday’s meeting expressed interest in having a list of contact information for those who came or had planned to come. I can compile a list of attendee names, email addresses, departments/affiliations, and phone numbers to distribute. If you would prefer not to share your contact info, let me know by October 9.


    I’ll be in touch with a few of you directly in the near future to discuss possible presentations for small group meetings. Everyone should watch their email inboxes for notes and Doodles related to subgroup meetings around the topics of research, education, and operations/policy. When meeting dates and times are established, I’ll post those to the web page and send everyone an email notice. We’ll tentatively plan to make the SJW conference room at ISTC available for those initial small group meetings.


    If you have colleagues or students who you think should be involved in these efforts, please direct them to the web page listed above or have them contact me to be added to the mailing list. If you are receiving these messages but would like to be removed from the mailing list, just email me to let me know.


    Best wishes,



    Joy Scrogum, M.S.

    Emerging Technologies Resource Specialist

    Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC;

    A division of the Prairie Research Institute at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Co-Coordinator, Sustainable Electronics Initiative (SEI;

    International Sustainable Electronics Competition (

    Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable (GLRPPR;

    GLRPPR is a member of the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx;