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Projects Updates for Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC)

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  1. General Meeting 9/20

    For September's General Meeting, we had everyone introduce themselves and what organization they were from. We also discussed plans for Student Sustainability Summit and how they can become involved. Promoted our development of a general Google calendar that contains general meeting times for all RSOs in the SSLC, as well as any events they are hosting. Lastly, we went through updates on all projects that RSOs are working on.

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  2. Spring 2021 SSLC Board Meeting Minutes

    Instead of assigning traditional and compartmentalized roles in a hierarchical structure, the new SSLC leadership decided to all share the title of “Co-President.” The Co-Presidents of the SSLC for the 2021-22 school year are Maiah Caise, Owen Jennings, Maria Maring, and Jack Reicherts. 

    The Co-Presidents met weekly during the last one to two months of the Spring 2021 semester, mostly to get acquainted with one another and establish the basic foundation of the revamped SSLC. Some of the highlights of those meetings include: 

    The SSLC now boasts three social media accounts: Facebook @sslcuiuc; Twitter @uiuc_sslc; and Instagram @uiuc_sslc

    There are two main ambitions that the SSLC hopes to pursue, in addition to the responsibilities that the Council has historically tended to: a campus-wide Sustainability Summit and some form of iCAP accountability promotion. Both of these initiatives are very early in the works. The Sustainability Summit will hypothetically take place during Sustainability Month (October) 2021, and it will be in collaboration with many on- and off-campus entities, most notably the SSC. iCAP accountability will likely take the form of a social media campaign, likely in heavy collaboration with SECs. 

  3. iWG Meeting Minutes 5-14-21

    The iCAP Working Group met on 5-14-21. The agenda was as follows: 

    • Transportation iCAP Team presentation
    • Engagement iCAP Team presentation (presentation attached) 
    • Celebration of success ~ thank you!

    The Zoom recording is found here. (must download in order to view)

  4. Meet and Greet Event 2-8-21

    A re-launch event ("Meet and Greet") of SSLC was held on 2-8-21. See the recording here.



    We are writing to invite you, on behalf of your environmental group, to attend a virtual “Meet and Greet” event on Monday, February 8, from 4-5 p.m. The purpose is to come together to discuss the function, structure, and purpose of the Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) and relaunch the group. This organization is designed to provide an opportunity for sharing, collaboration, and centralized communication to streamline campus sustainability outreach and programs between student environmental groups and iSEE (Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment). SSLC can also function as a way for RSOs to receive help and support for projects and outreach.

    Key topics that will be discussed: 

    • What is the purpose of the SSLC? 
    • How can the SSLC benefit student groups and what is the benefit of participation?
    • Who should be a member of the SSLC?
    • How should the SSLC be structured and led?

    Your input and participation are essential to the success of this group and anyone is welcome to attend. We hope to see you at this discussion on February 8. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or feedback in the meantime. See you soon!

  5. Meeting Minutes for iWG February, 2019

  6. SSC approves micro grant - SSLC guest lecture series

    SSC has voted to approve the $500 micro grant proposal for a guest lecture series with the contingency that this grant is considered seed funding and not ongoing financial support. In accordance with our fee mandates, the funding cannot go towards, food, travel, or lodging. Thus, this grant supports the honorarium and/or venue fees. 

  7. SSLC Seeks Vice President

    We are looking for a UIUC student who is passionate, excited, and driven to work towards solutions to environmental issues here on campus and in the greater CU community to serve as the Vice President of SSLC for 2018-2019! This student should be willing to help organize and facilitate the networking and collaboration of the members and RSOs represented on this council, which may include tasks such as:

    1. Leading and contributing to open discussions on ideas and potential events to promote sustainable initiatives.
    2. Providing insightful thoughts about how to best encourage collaboration between sustainability RSOs on campus.
    3. Representing the student voice to university administration through committee meetings.

    Specific duties of the Vice President may include:

    1. Taking notes of prominent ideas discussed at meetings.
    2. Following up with Council members regarding their ideas and events.
    3. Leading Council meetings in the absence of the President.
    4. Managing the Council listserv.
    5. Co-planning and co-implementing programming, such as guest speakers, for Council development.

    Prior involvement with the sustainability community on campus is encouraged but not required. While this position is unpaid, course credit (ENVS 491) is available.


    • UIUC undergraduate or graduate student
    • A desire to make our community more sustainable
    • Communication & interpersonal skills
    • Self-motivated & organized
    • Problem-solver and service-oriented
    • Passion for supporting student leaders and student organizations
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  8. iWG meeting minutes April 9th, 2018

  9. Seeking SSLC Co-Presidents

    SSLC took a hiatus for the fall semester and will return this spring with new programming, more support, and a greater opportunity for sustainable impact. iSEE will offer course credit for two students to co-president SSLC in the spring. This is a three to four hour weekly commitment and requires strong communication, coordination, and organization skills combined with an interest in campus sustainability. The co-presidents will facilitate meetings, manage a student listserv, coordinate biweekly educational opportunities (ex. solar farm tour), and biweekly informal gatherings.

  10. Sustainability staff discussed the outreach programs on the portal

    Morgan Johnston, Catherine Yee, and Chenxi Jiang met today to discuss the outreach information listed on the iCAP Portal.  Catherine described the Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) and the Certified Green Office Program (CGOP).  We also discussed the Earth Week efforts and the overall purpose of the SSLC as a networking opportunity for students in sustainability groups.

  11. August 2014 SSLC Meeting notes

    iSEE leaders provided an introduction to the SSLC

    Six Objectives: Facilitate communication, facilitate collaboration, provide a forum for student leaders to voice their opinions to iSEE and thereby to the campus administration, help identify students who can serve on iSEE working groups or advisory groups, help identify potential interns, encourage more awareness about sustainability among student body

    Unofficial objective: Create political will/pressure to implement sustainability initiatives

    Topics covered:

    • 2010 iCAP progress toward 2015 objectives
    • iSEE Congress
    • Zero Waste Game Day
    • SSLC organizational structure
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  12. March 2014 meeting notes

    Presentations were given by Global Environmental Brigades and USGBC (UIUC chapter).

    Global Brigades overview:

    • Global Brigades’ Mission: To empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under resourced communities
    • Global Brigades’ Vision: To improve equality of life, by igniting the largest student-led social responsibility movement on the planet.
    • Video from 2013’s brigade

    USGBC Projects:

    • “Green your dorm” (at LAR)
    • Green Building Conference and expo
    • Student Sustainability Symposium


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  13. February 2014 meeting notes from first Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) meeting

    The first formal meeting with the Student Sustainability Leadership Council (SSLC) under iSEE's guidance was an introductory meeting about iSEE and the proposed iCAP SWATeams. 

    The meeting was called by and coordinated by:

    • Ben McCall – Associate Director for Campus Sustainability, iSEE
    • Madhu Khanna – Associate Director for Education and Outreach, iSEE
    • Nishant Makhijani – iSEE Intern, Vice - Chair Student Sustainability Committee

    The key points discussed included an overview of iSEE's goals and structure, education and outreach plans, and an overview of the SWATeams.


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