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Projects Updates for Sustainability Engagement and Outreach

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  1. Meeting with U of Vienna

    Madhu Khanna, Jennifer Fraterrigo, Meredith Moore, and Morgan White met with Christoph Kecht and his team from the University of Vienna, which was the first climate neutral university in Austria.  We shared information about our UIUC iCAP programs and they shared information about their efforts and the attached report.

  2. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team had their final meeting of the semester on Friday, April 29. The team met with Shachar Meron, senior lecturer in the Department of Advertising, to discuss iSEE's partnership with the ADV 498 Capstone Course. The iCAP Portal & iSEE Jobs Dashboard were also discussed. Meeting minutes are attached.

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  3. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Friday, March 25 with Morgan White and Michael McKelvey to discuss the strengths and opportunities for updating the iCAP Portal. Potential recommendations will be clarified at their next meeting, including a How-To page, aesthetic changes, and utilizing analytics. Meeting minutes are attached.

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  4. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Friday, February 18 to discuss current ongoing recommendations, including: Sustainability TikTok challenge, College of Engineering Sustainability Leaders Learning Session, and a Sustainability Partnership with the ADV498 Advertising Capstone Course. Meeting minutes are attached.

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  5. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Wednesday, January 12 to discuss and assign the four major recommendations to be drafted before the team's next meeting, including: updating the iCAP Portal, creating a departmental committee for sustainability, creating a social media marketing campaign, and integrating sustainability into the Career Center. Meeting minutes are attached.

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  6. Sustainability components added to campus tour script

    The following sustainability topics will be added to the new student campus tours!

    • Student Sustainability Committee (SSC): each year a group of graduate and undergraduate students vote on the funding for projects that have an environmental impact on campus, SSC allocates about $1.5 million annually towards these projects, the funds come from students fees, one of the largest green funds in American higher education today, have allocated $15.55 million towards funding 316 projects since 2008
    • Composting: National Soybean Research Center has a compost tumbler, the first publicly accessible compost drop-off on campus with plans to expand 
    • Environmental Quad Day: environmental RSOs and sustainability groups showcase their green initiatives and participation opportunities
    • Recycling: single-use mask recycling locations on campus; approximately 50 collection boxes available on campus to recycle single-use face coverings
    • Climate Commitments: UIUC has committed to achieving carbon neutrality as soon as possible and has a Climate Action Plan (2020) to outline the campus sustainability plan to advance and achieve our goals 
  7. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Tuesday, November 9 to ideate recommendations on each of the team's four themes: awareness & purpose, technology & visibility, culture & practicality,  and inclusivity & relationships. The committee broke out into groups to generate lists of recommendations the team intends to pursue. Meeting minutes attached.

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  8. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    On Monday, October 25, the Engagement iCAP Team met to synthesize the themes of sustainability engagement discussed at the team's previous meeting. The four major working themes include: Awareness & Purpose, Technology & Visibility, Culture & Practicality, and Connection & Relationships. Moving forward, the team will break into sub-committees to pursue each of these themes. Meeting minutes attached.

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  9. Engagement iCAP Team Meeting

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Tuesday, October 12 for an ideation session for recommendations for the upcoming semester. New members Kathy Adams, Sonali Kumar and Kavya Mula were introduced to the team along with Shibu Kar, the team's new co-chair! Meeting minutes are attached with a link to the recommendation ideation powerpoint.

  10. Engagement iCAP Team First Meeting of the Fall Semester

    The Engagement iCAP Team met on Wednesday, September 29 for the first time this fall semester. During the meeting, members discussed the team mission, updates on all 6 iCAP 2020 objectives, and the iCAP 2021 Objective Assessment. Meeting minutes are attached below.

  11. Engagement iCAP Team Final Summer Meeting

    The members of the Engagement iCAP Team met on Thursday, August 19 for their final meeting of the summer. At this meeting, members discussed three pending recommendations the team has been formulating throughout the summer--a sustainability section on the Illinois Homepage, sustainability sections of individual college websites, and uniform recycling signage for blue bins. Meeting minutes are attached below.

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  12. archived info - past project description additional information

    The following text was removed from this project description, with the update to the iCAP 2020:

    "The core component of co-curricular education and sustainability outreach is strong and effective communication; therefore these objectives center around communication. 

    1. Support and communicate about co-curricular student sustainability programs. 
    2. Strengthen and communicate about sustainability outreach programs.  Specifically, at least half of the full-time campus staff will be participating in the Certified Green Office Program by FY20.
    3. Organize and promote three major sustainability events on campus each year: Earth Week, Campus Sustainability Week, and the iSEE Congress."
  13. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    Representatives of the Engagement SWATeam met on July 19 to discuss 2 working recommendations: one related to recycling bin signage (having consistent & effective signage in residential halls and offices) and one related to increasing the visibility of the iCAP on university websites. Meeting minutes are attached.

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  14. Engagement Team Summer Meeting

    Representatives of the Engagement SWATeam (Ann Witmer, Alexa Smith, Sammy Yoo) met with iWG representatives (Morgan White, Meredith Moore, Ximing Cai) for a tactical discussion on the team's strategy. Specific topics discussed include:

    • University and college-specific definitions of sustainability
    • Utilization of the iCAP Portal to increase sustainability engagements
    • Resources the team can refer to when creating a strategic plan
    • Creation of an administrative advisory committee of college representatives

    Meeting minutes are also attached.

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  15. Engagement SWATeam Meeting

    The Engagement SWATeam met for their final meeting for the semester on April 30. The team contributed their ideas for definitions of sustainability and engagement to be used by the team and iSEE as a whole. These definitions will be refined over the summer. Also, the team plans to work over the summer with iWG to discuss the Engagement Mind Map to make a clear start for next semester. Meeting minutes attached below.

  16. Bike Census volunteer opportunity (4/28) and TED Talk discussion (4/29)

    Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great Earth Week/Earth Month and have been able to attend a few (of the many!) activities this April. The Bike Census Spring 2021 is next Wednesday, April 28, from 10 – 11 AM. Bike Census is a collaborative, community-wide effort between Facilities & Services (F&S) and Champaign County Bikes that began in 2013 as part of ongoing improvement efforts to support the campus’ Bicycle Friendly University status.


    If you are available to volunteer next Wednesday morning, please sign up here. There will be a virtual training session beforehand at 9 AM. Two Illinois coffee mugs will be raffled off for student volunteers. I hope you are able to participate and in the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact Sarthak Prasad (


    On another note, in celebration of Earth Month, the next iSEE TED Talk: Eco-Edition event will focus on environmental activism and individual versus corporate responsibility for climate change. On Thursday, April 29 at 7 PM, participants will view a prerecorded TED Talk presented in July 2020 by Xiye Bastida: "If you adults won't save the world, we will." Afterward, all are invited to participate in a guided discussion hosted by iSEE Communications Intern and ESES student, Maria Maring. Sign up here.


    As always, be sure to check out the iSEE Sustainability Calendar for upcoming events and programs and help spread the word. Have a great weekend!