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Projects Updates for Sustainability Council

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  1. Energy004 - Energy Conservation Funding - Successful

    The Energy004 recommendation was discussed at the spring 2021 Sustainability Sub-Council meeting and was then sent to UES to address. Rob Roman, F&S Director of Energy and Utility Services, sent the following response:

    “UES has had the opportunity to have discussions with the College of ACES and the Provost office regarding a large ESCO project being performed at the ACES facilities. This project has received a priority status for the Energy Performance Contracting group, who will begin working with the College on scope development of the project. The Provost Budget Office remains supportive of the ESCO initiatives.”

    See iWG assessment and transmittal of Energy004 - Energy Conservation Funding here.
    See iCAP Team submittal and recommendation of Energy004 - Energy Conservation Funding here. 

    For additional progress on this effort, see Energy Performance Contracting / ESCO.

  2. FY22 Sustainability Sub-Council Charge Letter

    Associated Project(s): 

    Interim Director for iSEE, Madhu Khanna, released the formal charge letter for the FY22 Sustainability Sub-Council. In this document, Khanna outlines the members' official campus sustainability duties for the academic year. 

    See the attached file to read the formal FY22 Sustainability Sub-Council Charge Letter!

  3. iWG Meeting Minutes 9-22-21

    Attached are the meeting minutes from 9-22-21. The agenda focused on iWG iCAP 2020 priorities, Council/Sub-council updates, ZW004 and LW002 next steps, an overview of campus sustainability month, and updates from the student groups. 

    Attached Files: 
  4. Energy004 Energy Conservation Funding - Transmitted

    Following the completion of iWG assessment for Energy004 Energy Conservation Funding, the recommendation was transmitted to the Sustainability Council. The recommendation was discussed on 4/28/21. 

    See iWG assessment of Energy004 Energy Conservation Funding attached.

    See SWATeam Recommendation Energy004 Energy Conservation Funding here.

    Attached Files: 
  5. Sustainability Council Meeting 4-28-21

    The Sustainability Council met on April 28, 2021 and discussed the following: 

    • iCAP Dashboard
    • Post-pandemic Implications for iCAP 
    • Student Sustainability Leadership Council
    • Engagement001: General Education Board Sustainability Task Committee
    • Land Management
    • Overview of F&S Energy Management Plan 
    • Energy004: ACES Energy Performance Contract 

    See PowerPoint attached.

  6. Sustainability Sub-Council Meeting 3-18-21

    The first Sustainability Sub-Council meeting occurred on 3-18-21 and discussed the iCAP process and procedures, Solar Farm 3.0, Energy Performance Contracts, and Land Management Practices. The meeting minutes and presentation are attached. The meeting recording is found here.

  7. Daily Illini article about impacts of covid-19 on iCAP

    The Daily Illini published an article about the impacts of covid-19 on the campus sustainability efforts. One key message is that, even with some delays associated with the pandemic, we are still determined to move forward.  The conclusion of the article says: 

    Mohamed Attalla, executive director of Facilities and Services, said there are lots of initiatives to reach carbon neutrality in terms of energy and hopes to reach 400,000 metric tons of CO2 this year.

    Attalla said the addition of a third solar farm, advances in geothermal energy and research in carbon capture contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and that long-term, COVID-19 should not be a problem.

    “Maybe we’re behind a little in implementing some projects, but we’ll be able to catch up,” he said. “I don’t think there will be a long-term impact on the iCAP implementation.”

    White also said she doesn’t anticipate any long-term problems with achieving the iCAP goals and believes it’s important for the University to lead by example when it comes to sustainability.

    “I really believe that accomplishing the iCAP goals is something we can do, we need to do and we will do,” she said. 

    “Climate change isn’t waiting for us,” Edwards said. “(The University is) the laboratory for science, for humanities, for arts …  all those kinds of things show what is possible of humanity.”

    “If we’re going to call ourselves leaders, then we need to lead,” he said.


  8. Sustainability Council meeting 04-30-2019

  9. iWG meeting minutes April 9th, 2018

  10. EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 recommendation - Transmittal

    The SWATeam recommendation, eGen007 Solar Farm 2.0, was transmitted to the Sustainability Council and was presented during their meeting on December 7, 2017.

    For future updates, please refer to Solar Farm 2.0.

    See iWG assessment of EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.

    See SWATeam recommendation EGen007 Solar Farm 2.0 here.