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Indoor Bin Update (In Progress)

Recent Project Updates

  • 4/5/2023

    As of April 5th, 2023 campus has 210 out of 230 available multi-stream bins deployed at 63 different campus buildings. The 20 bins in storage are being prepared for deployment onto campus.

  • 3/3/2022

    Just wanted to provide a wonderful update on Indoor bins for the iCAP portal: The campus has 180 out of 200 available multi stream bins deployed in 56 different campus buildings.


This project will improve the recycling process in buildings around campus by encouraging sustainable actions and improving the layout of waste and recycling bins within these buildings. Facilities & Services collaborated with ISTC to make an “Indoor Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Assessment”. This assessment determined that the type and layout of collection containers in buildings across campus should be standardized. An update would enable them to be co-located and allow for greater infrastructure consistency. This will also help with other recommendations ISTC made, such as creating a container placement guide for Building Service Worker (BSW) staff, updating signage on collection bins, and improving recycling participation while decreasing contamination.

Facilities & Services will start by purchasing 113 three-part bins – landfill, paper, bottles and cans – and installing them within buildings on the Main Quad. A full building of new collection containers will be installed for the Foreign Languages Building and Natural History Building. Other buildings on the Main Quad will start with updating their first floor collection containers to the new bins. This bin style will be incorporated into the Facility Standards, so future campus buildings will include them in the initial construction costs.

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Project Team

  • Primary Contact:

    Daphne Hulse

    Project Leader:

    Pete Varney

    Team Members:

    • Shawn Patterson
    • Shreya Mahajan
    • Morgan White
    • Dominika Szal

    Prior Contacts:

    • Sydney Trimble
    • Maddy Liberman
    • Shantanu Pai
    • Macie Sinn
    • Vincenzo Spagnola


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