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Projects Updates for 2014 Campus Bike Plan


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  1. update from Ben McCall

    Dear Transportation SWATeam,

    Morgan and I had a very nice discussion with Pam Voitik at F&S late last week, and I wanted to brief you on some of the key points as they relate to the iCAP revisions.

    1) F&S is in favor of hiring a full-time "Active Transportation Coordinator," and having that person report to the Transportation Demand Management Coordinator (Stacey DeLorenzo).  "Active Transportation" (as you probably all know, but I didn't!) is industry lingo for all transportation except single-occupancy-vehicles.  So this person would be responsible for mode shift, the Bike Plan, and so forth...basically the last two bullet points in item #6 on page 30 of the current draft.

    2) Pete Varney and his team would be the sensible locus for efforts related to shifting the fleet more towards EVs and bicycles, and exploring renewable fuels for the fleet.  [The second and third bullet points in item #6 on page 30.]

    3) The first bullet point, about air travel, is outside of the scope of F&S, and should perhaps be a focus of iSEE or another entity in the domain of the Chancellor or Vice Chancellors.

    4) The Campus Bicycle Plan is essentially finalized now, but F&S is working on ascertaining exactly what entity should formally approve it. 

    Pam's suggestion is that it should be approved by the campus leadership (rather than by F&S), but the responsibility for implementing it should be with F&S.  This would give the Plan more authority/heft than if it were approved by F&S alone. There is reason to hope that this approval will be finalized before the iCAP.




  2. "Connectivity and Accessibility of UIUC Campus Bike Paths"

    "The results here indicate that the changes to the UIUC network do in fact improve connectivity over the existing network. Moreover, the planned network lowers the average shortest-distance path between libraries, dormitories, and the Union by nearly the same amount as a control scenario without paths at all. While we may assume that a bicycle master plan will address and improve connectivity as a matter of course – and the language in the plans claims that they do – it seems counterintuitive that this simple test not be included in the research process to confirm that this is so. Ultimately what these accessibility and connectivity analyses show is that while planners and bicycle advocates may seek to improve bicycle infrastructure, we need a way to quantify and subsequently verify that any changes will improve the functionality of the network and the ease with which a rider can travel from one location to another." -- Pildes, Russell. (2014) "Connectivity and Accessibility of UIUC Campus Bike Paths", B.A. Honors Thesis, Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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  3. Existing signage and striping

    Associated Project(s): 

    Facilities & Services is taking an interim step to make some initial improvements during spring and summer 2013. This work includes repainting several existing dedicated bike off-road and side paths, and adding stop signs for bicycle traffic at key intersections on existing paths. This step does not bring the existing bikeways up to acceptable safety standards, yet they will reduce bicyclist / pedestrian conflicts.

  4. Gregory Drive from Oak Street to First Street

    Associated Project(s): 

    This project will include total removal and reconstruction of Gregory Drive, between Oak Street and First Street, including existing parking along street. This project will also include parking meters and some new sidewalks.  This segment of roadway is intended to be marked as a bicycle route, as part of the Campus Bike Network.

  5. Sixth Street from Armory Avenue to Gregory Drive

    Associated Project(s): 

    This project will reconstruct pavement on the worst condition high volume streets and add bike lanes per current campus standards. This work will occur on Sixth Street from Armory Avenue to Gregory Drive. This will also upgrade the traffic signal at the intersection of Sixth Street and Gregory Drive to meet current federal standards and include pedestrian countdown signals.

  6. Fourth Street from Armory Avenue to Kirby Avenue

    Associated Project(s): 

    This project will include resurfacing of Fourth Street from Armory Avenue to Peabody Drive and reconstruction from Peabody Drive to Kirby Avenue. It will incorporate on-street bike lanes, curb bump outs for narrowed crossing distances at selected intersections, and new traffic signals at the intersection of Fourth Street and Peabody Drive.


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