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Map for Retrocommissioning (RCx)

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Project Location
FY08 RCx ACES Library
FY16 RCx Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)
FY14 RCx Admissions and Records
FY16 RCx Advanced Computation Building
FY11 RCx Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building
FY12 RCx Alice Campbell Alumni Center
FY09 RCx Animal Sciences Laboratory
FY11 RCx Armory
FY14 RCx Art & Design Building
FY17 RCx Astronomy Building
FY12 RCx Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
FY10 RCx Bevier Hall
FY14 RCx Business Instructional Facility (BIF)
FY15 RCx Ceramics Building
FY15 RCx Ceramics Kiln House
FY09 RCx Chemical & Life Sciences Laboratory
FY10 RCx Coordinated Science Laboratory (CSL)
FY16 RCx Davenport Hall
FY14 RCx David Kinley Hall
FY11 RCx Digital Computer Laboratory
FY17 RCx Education Building
FY12 RCx Engineering Hall
FY16 RCx English Building
FY15 RCx Everitt Laboratory
FY11 RCx Foellinger Auditorium
FY11 RCx Foreign Languages Building
FY14 RCx Freer Hall
FY11 RCx Grainger Engineering Library
FY14 RCx Gregory Hall
FY17 RCx Harding Band Building
FY18 RCx Harker Hall
FY11 RCx Henry Administration Building
FY13 RCx Huff Hall
FY18 RCx Illini Union
FY10 RCx Illini Union Bookstore
FY12 RCx Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC)
FY13 RCx Institute for Genomic Biology
FY15 RCx International Studies Building
FY08 RCx Jonathan Baldwin Turner Hall
FY14 RCx Krannert Art Museum (KAM)
FY08 RCx Krannert Center for the Performing Arts
FY15 RCx Labor & Employment Relations
FY15 RCx Law Building
FY15 RCx Library and Information Science Building
FY14 RCx Lincoln Hall
FY09 RCx Loomis Laboratory
FY09 RCx Madigan Laboratory Building
FY12 RCx Main Library
FY14 RCx Materials Science and Engineering Building
FY09 RCx Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
FY13 RCx Medical Sciences Building
FY18 RCx Memorial Stadium
FY15 RCx Mumford Hall
FY09 RCx Music Building
FY10 RCx National Center for Supercomputing Applications
FY08 RCx Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory
FY11 RCx Physical Plant Service Building
FY15 RCx Plant Sciences Laboratory
FY10 RCx Psychology Laboratory
FY10 RCx Siebel Center
FY15 RCx Smith Memorial Hall
FY12 RCx Spurlock Museum
FY16 RCx Swanlund Administration Building
FY15 RCx Talbot Laboratory
FY14 RCx Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
FY16 RCx Transportation Building
FY15 RCx Turner Student Services Building
FY10 RCx Undergraduate Library
FY12 RCx Water Survey Research Center
FY09 RCx Wohlers Hall